POLICIES & PROCEDURES Customer Care Our goal is to function as your library’s periodicals and information partner. We are here to help with every stage of subscription management. The processes and procedures outlined below form the foundation of outstanding subscription service, which is a responsibility that we take seriously. Don’t hesitate to let us know whenever we can be of assistance! Your Personal WT Cox Information Services assigns a personal Customer Service Specialist Customer Service to each customer. Your specialist is familiar with your account and will be Specialist responsive to your questions, whether it’s updating, and renewing or resolving concerns. You have someone you can count on to be a helping hand for your library. CoxNet CoxNet is our online user interface and a great resource for complete subscription management. All titles are available for claiming, ordering and renewing via CoxNet. Any correspondence sent through CoxNet will go directly to your Customer Service Specialist. Renewal List WT Cox Information Services will automatically provide you with a renewal list approximately six months prior to the earliest expiration date. You may also request your renewal form at any time on CoxNet. Your renewal list contains information such as updated prices and start dates to help you evaluate your order for the next year. Prices that appear on the renewal list are the most recent prices available. Because publishers change prices periodically, all prices are subject to change without notice. For budgeting purposes, based on your collection you will want to allow for a 3-10% increase annually. Contact your Customer Service Specialist for assistance. Replacement WT Cox Information Services maintains a Replacement Issue Library for use Issues by our customers. If an issue has not been received, or has been lost or damaged, WT Cox Information Services will provide the issue from our Replacement Issue Library or will request a replacement from the publisher. This is a free service to our customers. Your Customer Service Specialist will be happy to assist. Claiming Claims are processed most efficiently when submitted by CoxNet. You may also email and fax claims to your Customer Service Specialist or transmit via EDI. See Claims (Page 11) for additional information. Electronic WT Cox Information Services prepays all orders and places most of them Ordering electronically. This not only helps reduce transcription errors that can occur during publisher processing, but also streamlines the processing, resulting in faster turnaround times. 8 • • • • • •