11 CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer A personal Customer Service Specialist is assigned to every customer. This Service person is familiar with your account's details and may be contacted whenever Specialist you have questions or concerns. Your Customer Service Specialist is available via CoxNet, email, telephone or fax. Our office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Advise your Customer Service Specialist of any change in the Ship-to or Bill-to address. We notify each publisher of the change. If you notice an incorrect expiration date, alert your Customer Service Specialist of the correct date and WT Cox Information Services will, in turn, notify the publisher and correct the details on your account. Cancellations / WT Cox Information Services will process cancellations within 6 months of the Refunds start date with the publisher's approval. Cancellation notifications should be made as soon as possible. Cancellations will either not be accepted once the order has been active for six months, or they will be cancelled without any credit/refund due, in accordance with the publisher’s guidelines. WT Cox Information Services will credit your account with the amount equal to the return of monies by the publisher less the cancellation processing fee. The fee includes any applicable publisher cancellation fees, and 10% of the amount paid with a minimum of $10. Credits are valid for one year from the issue date, and can either be applied to outstanding invoices or refunded when all outstanding invoices are paid in full. Copies of credits can be obtained under the Financial Documents tab in CoxNet. Publisher WT Cox Information Services is not responsible for publisher bankruptcy or Bankruptcy discontinued titles. We will work to ensure your needs are met, however, refunds will only be issued if we can secure the funds from the publisher. Publishers may also choose to substitute titles. CLAIMS Claims WT Cox Information Services and your Customer Service Specialist are available to assist you with any questions and concerns about your subscriptions. Your invoice includes valuable details that will help you to determine when submitting a claim is needed. The Order Detail page in CoxNet helps to spotlight areas of concerns and interest. • • •