If a publisher does not meet a requested subscription start date, contact your Customer Service Specialist to initiate a non-receipt claim. If a requested start date is not available, service will begin with the next available start date. If a subscription has started and issues are missing, place claim as soon as possible. Most publishers only allow a 30-60 day claiming period. When an issue is unavailable, most publishers will automatically extend your expiration date by the amount of missed issues. WT Cox Information Services maintains an extensive Replacement Issue Library. In the event that a publisher is unable to provide a replacement issue, WT Cox will attempt to provide the issue free of charge. WT Cox cannot guarantee replacement issues due to late placement of claims or orders. Duplicate issues usually indicate either an incorrect renewal date, or that the publisher has created a secondary account for you in their system. Place a claim for duplicates in CoxNet, and include both account numbers and expiration dates from the duplicate mailing labels. WT Cox Information Services accepts donations to our Replacement Issue Library within six months of cover dates. Simply notify your Customer Service Specialist and a FedEx “free of charge” pick-up will be arranged to send your duplicate issues. You can also mail issues to the address below, and then request a Library Rate postage reimbursement from your Customer Service Specialist. WT Cox Information Services Attn: Replacement Issue Library 201 Village Road Shallotte NC 28470 When to Claim Most publishers need 8 to 12 weeks to process and begin a new or renewal order. Generally, a claim should not be submitted sooner than 45-60 days from the requested start date. If service has begun and an issue fails to arrive, please submit a claim immediately. How to Claim Claims may be submitted via CoxNet, which is available to all customers. You may also send us claims by email, telephone or EDI. CoxNet allows you to view subscriptions details as well as submit claims directly to your Customer Service Specialist. Additionally, you can make us aware of any concerns or subscription irregularities. CoxNet is also a great way to let us know quickly and efficiently when your claims have been resolved. 12 • •