Cost-Effeccve. Personal Service. Serving the library community for over 40 years. We are commiied to serving your library. No Hassle Proposals Cost-Effeccve Services Personalized Customer Service CoxNet - Easy Account Tools Simple Claiming Management Reports Addiional Lib Addiional Library Products including: Zinio for Libraries, Journal Finder - A-Z List, Link Resolver, ERM, and more! To your library, WT Cox means COMMITMENT, QUICK RESPONSES and SOLUTIONS. For over 40 years WT Cox has been a trusted provider of subscrippon services to libraries worldwide. Providing over 300,000 tles, you will find that we are helpful when it comes to offering the seleccon needed to complete your colleccon. WT Cox provides our customers with free online subscrippon management tools and friendly customer service. Isn’t it me Isn’t it me you work with a company that KNOWS how to be a helping hand to your library? For an easy, no-obligaaon quote contact or (800) 571-9554 2