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Shreve Memorial Libary - 2022

Read how this library implemented changes.

2022 and Beyond with Shreve Memorial Library

We asked a few of our library customers questions about the impact pandemic closures had on their operations and collections processes and here is what Joey of Shreve Memorial Library had to say.

Describe ways in which WT Cox was able to assist you and your staff navigate various collection management challenges during COVID?

We started our relationship with W.T. Cox as a new customer. During the set up time, the sales reps and customer service staff worked together when others were out to set up our accounts. This happened seamlessly (on our end, at least).

What new directions do you intend to take your collection due to the impacts of COVID as you look to the future?

Everything is pretty much status quo for now. We cut our print serials budget drastically last year. We anticipate no further cuts.

Joey - Shreve Memorial Library