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Collect, Manage and Analyze e-Resource Statistics

Powered by Pubget


Securely track and manage your e-Resources usage and statistics with eContentStats from WT Cox Information Services.

The process is easy! Simply enter your publisher admin logins and get access to consolidated usage, cost and other reports directly from your publisher vendors. eContentStats will manage your publisher admin logins and journal pricing information within this user-friendly interface while consolidating COUNTER-compliant statistic reports across all of your serials' publishers. eContentStats, powered by Pubget, leverages Pubget technology from Copyright Clearance Center to securely track a library’s serials usage statistics, saving customers time and enabling them to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Making Educated Collection Decisions

Get more value from your acquisitions with content usage data that can help you prioritize the content purchases that matter most to your patrons. With content usage and spend analytic tools, you can easily identify the content your patrons use, assess spending across subscriptions and document delivery and quantify the value of your content purchases.

Benefits to Your Library

Request a demo and pricing information. When requesting pricing please include the number of platforms that you will manage within eContentStats. Current and prospective WT Cox serials customers will receive additional savings when utilizing multiple WT Cox services.

For eContentStats customer service support call (800) 571-9554 x202 or email