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A Message From our President

Response in regards to SWETS bankruptcy protection.

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September 25, 2014

We at WT Cox Information Services have received an influx of phone calls and emails from both publishers and libraries regarding the recent unfortunate news that Swets Information Services has filed for bankruptcy protection. Swets has been a reputable, leading provider of library services for many years and we understand the shock and disappointment that many of their long term loyal customers may feel. This bankruptcy is unfortunate because it has the potential to cause hardship for libraries and publishers, and it creates an atmosphere of distrust by libraries towards subscription agents.   

We realize that you may now be faced with the unexpected challenge of selecting a new vendor under conditions that are not ideal. While this situation is never easy, we have the experience, the technology and the resources needed to assist with this transition. Our services include not only serials but also major publisher packages and databases.

WT Cox is a privately held corporation established over 40 years ago. Carefully controlled growth has afforded us the financial security to guarantee delivery by prepaying all orders. For added peace of mind, we can also provide proof of payment.   

Our commitment to customer service and the transition process could very well be the best solution for your library. We are prepared to assist with our knowledge and experience to get your orders renewed for 2015.

If you would like a price quote, references or more information about our company please contact us and I will have one of our Regional Sales Directors contact you to discuss your needs.

Best Regards,

Michael Cox | President / CEO