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American OrganistPrint 84.00 AquamanPrint1247.8812 American Patchwork & QuiltingPrint.627.00 Arab American NewsPrint 150.00. 52 American Philatelic Society MembershipArchaeology 623.95PrintMembership 48.00 Archaeology SouthwestMembership150.001 American Poetry ReviewPrint + Online 99.00 ArchiePrint 27.99.612 American ProspectPrint + Digital660.00 Archie Jumbo Comics DigestPrint 29.99.10 American QuarterlyPrint .4230.00 Architects' Journal (GBR)Print + Online 389.8852American Quilters SocietyMembership .125.00 Architectural DesignPrint.6800.00American Record GuidePrint + Online 58.00 Architectural DigestPrint1139.956 American RiderPrint + Digital 1139.00 Architectural Record PremiumAmerican RoadPrint 19.95 Print + Digital + Online.1281.00.4 American RoadPrint + Online 22.95 Architectural Review (GBR)Online4Call For PricingAmerican ScholarPrint + Digital429.00 Architectural Review (GBR)Print + Online10255.00American School Board JournalPrint + Digital 39.00 Archives of American Art JournalOnline 108.006.2 American ScientistPrint 75.00 Archives of American Art JournalPrint.2103.006 .3 American Short FictionPrint 48.00 Archives of Natural HistoryPrint + Online 2334.00American Society for Yad VashemMembership.136.00 Arizona Business GazettePrint 32.1652 American Sociological ReviewPrint + Online 958.00 Arizona Business MagazinePrint 31.006.6 American Speech Combo SubscriptionPrint.1396.00 Arizona Capitol TimesPrint + Digital.Call For PricingAmerican SpiritPrint.624.00 Arizona InformantPrintCall For PricingAmerican TheatrePrint + Online 50.00 Arizona QuarterlyPrint 485.004 American Truck Historical SocietyMembership152.00 Arizona Republic.Call For PricingAmerican Vegan SocietyMembership 25.00 Arkansas Historical AssociationMembership 25.00.11 American Vegetable GrowerPrint1224.00 Arkansas TimesPrint 60.0012 America's Civil WarPrint440.00 Arlington MagazinePrint 19.95.6 Analog Science Fiction & FactPrint.634.97 Army TimesPrint + Digital.1227.95.Ananda VikatanPrint.Call For Pricing Arnoldia and Directors Report for the Arnold AncestorPrint 469.85 Arboretum in Fiscal Year ComboPrint 65.001 Ancestral Trails Historical SocietyMembership 25.00 Arqueologia MexicanaPrint 152.00.16 Ancient MesoamericaOnline2648.00 Art & AntiquesPrint 43.00. .6 Ancient MesoamericaPrint 976.00 Art CulinairePrint477.00.2 Angels on EarthPrint 20.95 Art et Decoration (FRA)Print 100.0069 Animal Wellness MagazinePrint + Digital.424.00 Art in AmericaPrint.599.95Animals & You (GBR)Print 105.60 Art JournalingPrint.459.99.12 Animation MagazineDigita l Call For Pricing Art Newspaper Bundle (GBR) Animation MagazinePrint Print + Digital + Online.1148.00Call For PricingAnnual Review of BiochemistryOnlineCall For Pricing Art Nexus (English Edition)Print + Online.230.00Annual Review of Cancer BiologyOnlineCall For Pricing Art Nexus (Spanish Edition)Print 20.00.2 Annual Review of Cell & Developmental Biology Art of the WestPrint 30.006 OnlineCall For Pricing Art Quilting StudioPrint459.99Annual Review of Ecology Evolution & Systematics Artesia Daily PressPrint + Digital.Call For PricingOnlineCall For Pricing ARTFORUM InternationalPrint + Online.1085.00.Call For Pricing .2 Annual Review of GeneticsOnline Artibus AsiaePrint 120.00Annual Review of Genomics & Human Genetics Artist, The (GBR)Print12103.13OnlineCall For Pricing Artist's Magazine, ThePrint 39.956 Annual Review of ImmunologyOnline.Call For Pricing Arts of Asia (HKG)Print 105.004 Annual Review of NeuroscienceOnline AsbarezPrint Call For Pricing.Call For PricingAnnual Review of PhysiologyOnline Call For Pricing ASHRAE JournalPrint 209.0012 Annual Review of Plant BiologyOnline Asia Pacific Journal on Human Rights & the LawCall For PricingAnorakPrint448.13 Print.3497.00AnOther Magazine (GBR)Print288.03 Asian Journal of Law & SocietyOnline.3469.00Answers MagazinePrint.628.00 Asian ReporterPrint 1224.00 Answers MagazinePrint.639.99Anthropological QuarterlyPrint 310.00 ASK(Arts & Sciences for Kids) Print Antioch ReviewPrint 92.00.4 AntipodesPrint 74.00 Each themed issue of ASK 2 Antique Automobile Club of AmericaMembership145.00 invites newly independent Antique Doll CollectorPrint 49.95 readers to explore the world of .12 Antiques & the Arts WeeklyPrint + Online 96.00 science and ideas with topics .52 AntiquityPrint 834.00 that really appeal to kids, from 6 AOPA Pilot MagazinePrint.1221.00 pirates to plasma. Filled with Apartamento (ESP)Print277.47 lively, well-written articles, vivid AperturePrint + Digital.475.00 graphics, activities, cartoons, ApolloPrint + Digital12189.78 and plenty of humor, ASK is .Appalachia JournalPrint 18.00 science that kids demand to .2 Appalachian ReviewPrint 62.00 read! Grades 3-54 Applied Arts MagazinePrint 260.00 Applied RadiologyPrint + Digital 115.006 APTA MagazinePrint + Online 157.00.12 Call WT Cox Information Services For Any Title Not Listed at (800) 571-9554.20 (Title information is subject to change per publisher discretion. Prices exclude postage, shipping/handling and sales tax if applicable.)"