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New RepublicPrint + Online1259.99 Northamptonshire Record SocietyMembership 68.761 New ScientistPrint + Online 192.00 Northeast Missouri Genealogical Society.51 New Scientist (UK Edition)Print + Online 325.00 Membership 16.00511 New StatesmanPrint + Online 410.00 Northern GardenerPrint + Digital .434.00.52 New TerritoryPrint230.00 Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly (GBR)Online 178.784 New Testament AbstractsPrint 100.00 Northern ScotlandPrint + Online.2241.00.3 .Call For Pricing 12 New York Amsterdam NewsPrint + Digital Northern Virginia MagazinePrint 20.00New York BeaconPrint Northern WoodlandsPrint + Digital 25.00Call For Pricing 4 New York Daily NewsPrint + Digital.Call For Pricing Northshore MagazinePrint + Online 29.9510 New York HistoryOnline 70.00 Northumberland County (VA) Historical Society2 New York HistoryPrint 70.00 Membership 30.0021 New York MagazinePrint 2670.00 Northwest SportsmanPrint 39.95.12 New York Post.Call For Pricing Norwegian American Genealogical CenterNew York Review of BooksPrint2099.95 Membership 50.001 .6.Call For PricingNew York State ConservationistPrint 12.00 Novi NewsPrint + DigitalNew York TimesCall For Pricing Novyi MirPrint 409.00.12 New York Times Book ReviewPrint.52238.59 Novyi Ochag (Good Housekeeping)Print6125.00New York University Annual Survey ofNowy Dziennik (Polish Daily News)PrintCall For PricingAmerican LawPrint.230.00 NSTA Membership Institutional Comprehensive INew York University Environmental Law Journal Membership.Call For PricingPrint.328.00 NSTA Membership Institutional Comprehensive II New York University Journal of International LawMembership.Call For Pricing& PoliticsPrint.330.00 NSTA Membership Institutional Comprehensive III.6.Call For PricingNew York University Law ReviewPrint 50.00 Membership.36 New York University Review of LawNumismatic NewsPrint 44.99& Social ChangePrint 28.00 Numismatist, ThePrint 48.00.412 New Yorker, ThePrint.48149.99 Nurse EducatorPrint .61,331.00 New Zealand Journal of BotanyOnline .4671.00 NursingPrint.121,229.00 News for YouOnline Nursing Clinics of North AmericaPrint.4568.00.Call For PricingNews GuardPrint + Digital Nursing Made Incredibly EasyPrint.6718.00Call For PricingNews India TimesPrint + Digital.Call For Pricing Nursing OutlookPrint 810.006 News Register (McMinnville)Print + Online Nursing ResearchPrint 1,455.00Call For Pricing .6 .News Reporter (Whiteville NC)Print + DigitalCall For Pricing Nursing TimesPrint12263.98Newsday (Long Island NY) .Call for Pricing Nursing TimesPrint + Digital 304.8512 NewsweekDigital5049.00 Nutrition Action Health LetterPrint.1024.00NewsweekPrint + Digital.5099.99 Nutrition TodayPrint 745.006 Newsweek (POL)Print 52232.41 Nuts & VoltsPrint + Digital 626.95 Newsweek en Espanol (MEX)Print 11357.50 Oakland County Legal NewsPrint + Online.Call For PricingNewtonKidsPrint12255.00 Occupational Health & SafetyPrint779.00Nexus: The International Henry Miller JournalPrint 15.00 Ocean DrivePrint 1070.00.1 NFPA National Fire Protection Association OceaniaPrint3399.001 Membership 175.00 October: A Literary Magazine of Beijing (Shiyue)Niagara GazettePrint + Digital.Call For Pricing PrintCall For Pricing.NightwingPrint 29.99 Office ProPrint 35.00127 No Load Mutual Fund SelectionsOggiPrint12256.69& Timing NewsletterPrint Oggi (ITA)Print.52555.00.Call For PricingNogales InternationalPrint + Digital Ohio ArchaeologistPrint.440.00Call For PricingNoLoad Fund XOnline Ohio History Connection Library Subscription.Call For PricingNoLoad Fund X with Mid Month Report Membership 50.001 Print + Online.Call For Pricing Ohio MagazinePrint.915.99.Non No Magazine (JPN)Print12163.50 Ohio MagazinePrint + Digital916.00Nonprofit Quarterly, ThePrint + Online 59.00 Ohio Valley HistoryOnline 45.004.4 Non-Sport UpdateDigital627.95 Oil & Gas InvestorPrint12179.00.Non-Sport UpdatePrint .637.95 Oil & Gas Journal BundlePrint + Digital 123.201 Non-Sport UpdatePrint + Digital 34.99 Okapi (FRA) Print.22165.006 NoonPrint.115.00 Okido MagazinePrint 1296.27Norfolk Family History Society (GBR)Membership134.38 Oklahoma City HeraldPrint.Call For PricingNorfolk Records SocietyMembership.138.51 Oklahoma EaglePrint + Digital.Call For PricingNorman Transcript, ThePrint + Digital Oklahoma Historical SocietyMembership 50.00Call For Pricing .1 .Call For PricingNorridge Harwood Heights NewsPrint + Digital Oklahoma TodayPrint .624.95North American BirdsPrint + Online2100.00 Old Cars Weekly News & MarketplacePrint 49.9827 North American Butterfly AssociationMembership 165.00 Old Farmers Almanac (US Edition) SoftcoverPrint.18.99North American ReviewPrint 88.00 Old Farmer's Almanac National (US) Edition 3 North American WhitetailPrint 19.97 (Hardcover) and Old Farmers Almanac (US) 8 North Carolina Historical ReviewPrint.470.00 Edition (Softcover) Combo SubscriptionNorth Carolina Lawyers WeeklyPrint + Digital Print.117.95.Call For PricingNorth Carolina Literary ReviewPrint127.00 Old House JournalPrint 26.956 North Georgia LivingPrint415.00 Old Testament AbstractsPrint385.00North of Ireland Family History SocietyMembership130.26 Oldie, ThePrint.1296.27Call WT Cox Information Services For Any Title Not Listed at (800) 571-9554.(Title information is subject to change per publisher discretion. 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