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Muskogee PhoenixPrint + Digital.Call For Pricing National Wood Carvers AssociationMembership.129.00Muslim JournalPrintCall For Pricing Nation\'s HealthPrint.1095.00Mutual Fund Investors AssociationMembership 169.00 Nations Restaurant NewsPrint + Digital 49.95.126 Muy Historia (Spain) (Annual Renewal)Print 112.53 Native American & Indigenous Studies (NAIS)Print 133.50.122 Muy Interesante (MEX)Print12141.46 Native American ArtPrint + Online 40.00.6 Muy Interesante (Spain)Print 183.40 Native OklahomaPrint 32.00.1212 Muy Interesante Junior (MEX)Print.12174.56 Native Sun News TodayPrintCall For PricingMuzzleloader MagazinePrint.632.00 Natural Health (GBR)Print.12116.7310 My HerbsPrint429.98 Natural HistoryPrint 34.95MyojoPrint.Call For Pricing Natural SolutionsPrint629.95N+1 (N Plus One)Print + Online 150.00 Naturally, Danny SeoPrint 23.9734 NAKED FoodPrint + Digital.429.00 Nature ConservancyMembership.150.00Nan ren zhi (Men\'s Uno Taiwan)Print 235.00 Nature PhotographerPrint 28.00123 NarrativePrint.3128.00 Nauka I ZhiznPrint.12321.00Nashville LifestylesPrint 24.00 NautilusPrint Nassau County Historical SocietyMembership .140.00 Navajo TimesPrint.Call For Pricing.Call For Pricing .Call For PricingNassau HeraldPrint Navajo-Hopi ObserverPrintNation, ThePrint + Online Archive1259.00 Naval HistoryPrint639.00National AffairsPrint + Online427.99 Navneet SamarpanPrint12110.00National Association Of Legal AssistantsNavnit (Hindi)Print.Call For PricingSubscriptionMembership 35.00 Navy TimesPrint + Digital 1227.50.1 National Business Education Association NC State Bar JournalPrint.410.73Membership 149.00 NEA TodayPrint 78.0014 National Catholic RegisterPrint Nebraska FarmerPrint 1131.50.Call For PricingNational Catholic ReporterPrint + Digital.Call For Pricing Nebraska State Genealogical SocietyMembership127.00National District Attorneys AssociationMembership.195.00 Nebraska State Historical SocietyMembership135.00National EnquirerPrint (Public Library Only)52155.00 Nelumbo: Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of National FishermanPrint424.95 IndiaPrint.Call For PricingNational Genealogical SocietyMembership NEO (UK)Print.12130.65.Call For PricingNational Geographic (FRA) (French Edition)Print 85.00 Neonatal Network: Journal of Neonatal Nursing.12 National Geographic Al ArabiyaPrint.12691.00 Print + Online6950.00National Geographic en Espanol (Mex)Print 137.61 Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art / Nederlands .12 National Geographic HistoryPrint629.00 Kunsthistorisch JaarboekOnline.1376.00National Geographic KidsPrint .1029.95 Nevada AppealPrint + Digital.Call For PricingNational Geographic Little KidsPrint 29.95 Nevada Legal NewsPrint + Online.Call For Pricing6 National Geographic MagazinePrint 39.00 New African (GBR) (English Edition)Print.682.5112 National Geographic Traveler (Spanish)Print 150.00 New AmericanPrint2449.0012 National GuardPrint.1225.00 New American PaintingsPrint689.00National Maritime Historical SocietyMembership.127.50 New BeautyPrint + Digital.429.95.National Museum of Women in the ArtsNew Directions For Adult & Continuing EducationMembership 75.00 Print.4502.001 National Paralegal ReporterPrint + Digital460.00 New Directions for Community CollegesOnline.4486.00National ReviewPrint 1259.00 New Directions for Community CollegesPrintCall For Pricing Call For Pricing .4 National Rifle Association of AmericaMembership New Directions for Higher EducationPrint 511.00National Storytelling NetworkMembership 75.00 New Directions for Student ServicesPrint.4502.001 National Tax JournalPrint + Online New Directions For Teaching & LearningPrint .4502.00.Call For PricingNational Trust for Historic PreservationMembership 20.00 New England Historic & Genealogical Society 1 National Trust for Historic Preservation:Institutional (NEHGS)Membership1270.00Preservation ForumMembership 250.00 New England Historic & Genealogical Society .1 National WildlifeDigital 24.95 Institutional Subscription Package (NEHGS)4 National WildlifePrint 29.95 Print.1100.004 New England Journal of MedicinePrint.482,154.00New England Quarterly, ThePrint + Online 151.00.4 New Hampshire HomePrint.614.97New Hampshire MagazinePrint.1014.97New Hampshire Society of Genealogists "We have been customersMembership 25.001 New in Chess MagazinePrint + Online.8119.99of WT Cox for 20+ years.New InternationalistPrint 112.0012 New InternationalistPrint 44.00We are very pleased with WT CoxNew Labor ForumPrint 12605.00.3 New LettersPrint232.00and I would not hesitateNew Mexico MagazinePrint.1022.00New Moon GirlsOnline 5239.95 to recommend them." New Orleans City Business and New Orleans CityBusiness Book of Lists ComboPrint + Digital 139.001 New Orleans MagazinePrint 18.7812 -The Library Network New PhilosopherPrint460.00New Pittsburgh Courier City EditionPrint + Digital.Call For PricingCall WT Cox Information Services For Any Title Not Listed at (800) 571-9554.52 (Title information is subject to change per publisher discretion. Prices exclude postage, shipping/handling and sales tax if applicable.)'