b"TitleIssues1 Yr.TitleIssues1 Yr. JAVMA Journal of the American VeterinaryJournal of Chinese Military HistoryPrint2247.00Medical AssociationPrint + Online.12360.00 Journal of Church & StateOnline 216.004 JD Power Classic, Collectible, Exotic andJournal of CommercePrint + Digital + Online.25595.00Muscle Car Appraisal GuidePrint 171.00 Journal of Continuing Education in NursingOnline.Call For Pricing.3 JD Power Marine Appraisal GuidePrint 289.00 Journal of Criminal Law & CriminologyPrint 50.00.34 JD Power Motorcycle, Snowmobile, ATV,Journal of Deaf Studies & Deaf EducationPrint4738.00Personal Watercraft Appraisal GuidePrint.3195.00 Journal of Deaf Studies & Deaf Education .JD Power Official Commercial Truck GuidePrint 389.00 Print + Online4804.00.12 .3 JD Power Official Older Used Car GuidePrint 156.00 Journal of Dental HygieneOnline .Call For PricingJD Power Official Used Car GuidePrint 303.00 Journal of Digital Media ManagementPrint + Online4315.00.12 JD Power Recreation Vehicle (RV) AppraisalJournal of East Asian StudiesPrint + Online.3300.00GuidePrint .3289.00 Journal of Education FinancePrint 160.00.4 JD Power Vintage, Collectible and RetroJournal of Education for BusinessPrint + Online8467.00Motorcycle Appraisal GuidePrint 85.00 Journal of Educational PsychologyPrint81,477.001 Jefferson City News TribunePrint + DigitalCall For Pricing Journal of Emergency NursingPrint 699.00.6 Jefferson County Historical SocietyJournal of English & Germanic PhilologyPrint 185.00.4 Membership (WV) 120.00 Journal of Environmental Law & LitigationPrint 36.11.1 .6 Jennings Daily NewsPrint + DigitalCall For Pricing Journal of Environmental QualityOnline 1,000.00Jersey's BestPrint46.95 Journal of EthnobiologyPrint 454.004 Jerusalem PostPrint Journal of Faculty DevelopmentPrint + Online.3247.00Call For PricingJerusalem Post IVRITPrint.Call For Pricing Journal of Film & VideoPrint 75.004 Jerusalem Report, ThePrint 109.00 Journal of Forensic EconomicsPrint + Online Jeune Afrique(FRA) (French Edition)Print 130.00 Journal of Forensic IdentificationPrint.4250.00.12 Jewish CurrentsPrint 48.00 Journal of Forensic SciencesOnline 910.004.6 Jewish ExponentPrint + Digital .Call For Pricing Journal of GeologyPrint.4391.0012 Jewish Genealogical Society(NY)Membership140.00 Journal of Gerontological NursingPrint 547.00Jewish News of Greater PhoenixPrint Journal of Health & Social BehaviorPrint + Online.4677.00Call For PricingJewish PressPrint.Call For Pricing Journal of Health Care Law & PolicyPrint.232.00Jewish Social StudiesPrint 126.50 Journal of Health Politics Policy & LawPrint 860.00.36 Jewish WorldPrint5257.00 Journal of HeredityOnline 630.00.7 JGE: Journal of General EducationPrint.4193.00 Journal of Higher EducationPrint + Online 715.007 Jia Ting (Family)PrintCall For Pricing Journal of Intellectual Freedom & PrivacyOnline 100.00.4 Jia Ting Bai Shi Tong (Home Journal ofJournal of International AffairsPrint 66.002 .1 Knowledge)PrintCall For Pricing Journal of Korean Art & ArchaeologyPrint 175.00244 Jia ting yi sheng (Family Doctor)Print 395.00 Journal of Law & EconomicsPrint 198.00Jobs AvailablePrint 45.00 Journal of Law & ReligionPrint + Online.3278.00.26 Johnson City PressPrint + Digital Journal of Law, Economics & OrganizationPrint.4421.00.Call For PricingJoint Force QuarterlyPrint + Online 29.00 Journal of Learning DisabilitiesPrint + Online.6488.00.4 Journal Finder Subscription Service .Call For Pricing Journal of Legal Studies (Chicago)Print 161.002 Journal of Academic LibrarianshipPrint.61,262.00 Journal of Library AdministrationPrint + Online 1,804.00.8 Journal of Adolescent & Adult LiteracyOnline6203.00 Journal of Library MetadataPrint + Online4578.00Journal of Adult & Continuing EducationPrint + Online2480.00 Journal of Library Resource Sharing Journal of Advertising ResearchOnline4390.55 Print + Online5917.00Call For Pricing .3 Journal of African American HistoryOnline Journal of Mens StudiesPrint 533.00Journal of African American HistoryPrint 206.00 Journal of Modern LiteraturePrint 165.00.44 Journal of African American HistoryPrint + Online Journal of Moravian HistoryPrint.2166.00.Call For PricingJournal of African American StudiesPrint + Online.41,096.00 Journal of Negro EducationPrint + Online .4310.00Journal of African HistoryPrint.3776.00 Journal of Neuroscience NursingPrint 845.00.6 Journal of African Military History, ThePrint 168.00 Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA)Print.111,472.00.2 Journal of Allied HealthPrint + Online.4136.46 Journal of Nursing EducationOnlineCall For PricingJournal of American FolklorePrint 153.00 Journal of Nursing EducationPrint 655.004.12 Call For Pricing .Call For PricingJournal of American HistoryOnline Journal of Nursing EducationPrint + OnlineJournal of American HistoryPrintCall For Pricing Journal of Pediatric Health CarePrint6861.00Journal of American HistoryPrint + Online4822.00 Journal of Pharmacy TechnologyPrint 343.00.6 Journal of American Indian EducationPrint.387.00 Journal of Philosophy, ThePrint 180.00.12 Journal of Anthropological ResearchPrint + Online.Call For Pricing Journal of Professional NursingPrint.61,204.00Journal of Antitrust EnforcementOnline 514.00 Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental 3 Journal of Appalachian StudiesPrint 79.00 Health ServicesPrint 547.002.12 Journal of Applied Behavior AnalysisPrint + Online 198.00 Journal of RehabilitationPrint 115.004.4 Journal of Asian StudiesOnline4366.00 Journal of Selected Novelettes (Zhongpian .Journal of Asian StudiesPrint + Online.4390.00 Xiaoshuo Xuankan)Print669.60Journal of Assessment and InstitutionalJournal of SingingPrint 65.00.5 EffectivenessPrint 208.00 Journal of Sociology & Social WelfareOnline Journal of Basic WritingPrint 230.00 Journal of Soil & Water ConservationPrint 230.006 Journal of Behavioral Health Services &Journal of South Asian & Middle Eastern StudiesResearchPrint + Online 825.00 Print.4150.004 Journal of Black PsychologyPrint81,388.00 Journal of Southeast Asian StudiesPrint.4377.00Journal of Chemical EducationOnline.Call For Pricing Journal of Southern HistoryPrint 130.004 Journal of Chemical EducationPrint + OnlineCall For Pricing Journal of Special EducationPrint + Online .4383.00Call WT Cox Information Services For Any Title Not Listed at (800) 571-9554.44 (Title information is subject to change per publisher discretion. 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