b'O er this robust and user-friendly digital pla orm in your libraryMagzter for LibrariesBuilt for Public libraries and Colleges With 7,000+ domes c and interna onaltles and content across 40+ languagesEdzter for LibrariesBuilt for Schools K-12 withtles speci cally selected for youth to high school age students.Both pla orms allow for readers to check out and read all of their favorite magazines! With a user-friendly app and admin tools for your library, this is the cost-e ec ve solu on your library has been searching for.UNLIMITED SIMULTANEOUS USERS - Users can check outtles month-a er-month.USER-FRIENDLY - Easy management of users andtles plus simple app design for readers.USAGE DETAILS - Admin usage reports to quan fy your digital collec on purchases.Free 4 week trial to Magzter or Edzter at:www.wtcox.com63'