b"TitleIssues1 Yr.TitleIssues1 Yr. Auto Body Repair NetworkPrint 95.006 Auto Laundry News and Auto Laundry NewsBABYBUGPrint 33.959 Directory Combo SubscriptionPrint 75.00.1 Auto Round-UpPrint 65.00 Bursting with brightly illustrated 26 Automatic MerchandiserPrint 47.50 stories and simple poems, 6 Automotive EngineeringPrint8115.00 BABYBUG is just right for Automotive News including Automotive Newsparents and grandparents to .1 Market Data BookPrint + Online 169.00 read aloud, or for little ones to AvengersPrint 1247.88 explore on their own. A GuideAviation HistoryPrint 40.00 for Caregivers features tips 4 Aviation News (GBR)Print12103.13 and ideas from our child devel-Aviation Week & Space Technology opment expert on getting the Print + Digital + Online26129.00 most out of BABYBUG. Age 6 .months-3 years.Awesome Jr. the Science Sleuth!Print.272.00Brand new bi-annual periodicalBack Issue MagazinePrint + Digital8130.00for Middle and High SchoolBack to Godhead: The Magazine of the Hare students, featuring the originalKrishna WorldPrint.619.95Awesome Jr.The ScienceBackcountryPrint639.95Sleuth! Volume 1 issue 1 beginsBackstage MagazinePrint2559.95in Spring 2024 highlightingBackstage MagazinePrint + Online + Email 259.90.25 anatomy. Awesome Jr. closelyBackwoods Home MagazinePrint 26.004 examines anatomy systems,Backyard PoultryPrint629.97such as the skeletal, digestive,Baffler, ThePrint + Digital678.00.and nervous system! TheBaike Zhishi (Encyclopedic Knowledge)Print.Call For Pricingsecond issue will shine onBakePrint + Digital + Online 100.006 6 bioluminescence in Fall 2024.Bake from ScratchPrint 39.95Baking & SnackPrint + Digital + Online11175.00Baltimore MagazinePrint 19.9812 Baltimore SunCall For PricingBanker & TradesmanPrint + Digital + Online 399.0052 Awesome Science & Art (Past and Present)Print.132.95 Barnyards & BackyardsPrint 10.004 Barrasi-i-kitab (Persian Book Review)Print.4100.00Awesome Dragon brings aBarronsPrint + Digital52179.00fascinating approach to connect- Baseball AmericaPrint 89.9712 ing science and art! SoarBaseball DigestPrint658.95.through chapters on science,BatmanPrint.1239.99art, and those that were bothBatman Superman: World's FinestPrint1229.99scientists and artists from pastBatman: The Adventures ContinuePrint1229.99to present. Science and artBay NaturePrint 29.274 topics covering biology,Bazoof!Digital 12.954 measurement, painting, music,BBC Countryfile (GBR)Print .13158.92 and so much more! Ending withBBC Gardeners' World (GBR)Print 12177.25awesome student activities. BBC Good Food (GBR)Print 165.0312 BBC History (GBR)Print 146.70.13 BBC History Revealed (GBR)Print13145.17BBC Music (GBR)Print13186.43BBC Music Magazine (GBR)Print + CD-Rom 59.9913 BBC Science Focus (GBR)Print 49.9914 Awesome Science and What Makes it so Awesome BBC Top Gear (GBR)Print 177.25.13 Digital .116.00 BBC Wildlife (GBR)Print13148.22Awesome Science and What Makes it so Awesome BC MagazinePrint 24.224 Print132.95 BC Studies: The British Columbian QuarterlyAwesome Tales of Courage & InspirationPrint 32.95 Print + Online4300.00.1 .2 Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano StudiesPrint + Online 255.00 Beachcombing MagazinePrint + Digital639.99Azure (CAN)Print635.54 Beckett BaseballDigital 39.95.12 B & V Friends Double DigestPrint619.99 Beckett BaseballPrint 49.95.12 Baby & Mother (Chinese Edition)Print 245.00 Beckett BaseballPrint + Digital 74.951212 Beckett Baseball Card Price GuidePrint 39.951 Beckett BasketballDigital 39.9512 Beckett BasketballPrint 49.9512 www.wtcox.com Beckett BasketballPrint + Digital.1274.95.1 Beckett Basketball Card Price GuidePrint 29.95Beckett FootballDigital 39.9512 Beckett FootballPrint 49.9512 Beckett FootballPrint + Digital 74.95.12 Beckett Football Card Price GuidePrint 39.95.1 Beckett HockeyDigital 39.95.12 Call WT Cox Information Services For Any Title Not Listed at (800) 571-9554.(Title information is subject to change per publisher discretion. Prices exclude postage, shipping/handling and sales tax if applicable.)24"