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Olive Magazine (GBR)Print.13154.33 Pediatric NewsPrint.12325.00.Olympian, ThePrint + DigitalCall For Pricing Pediatric Nursing JournalPrint.6110.00Omaha StarPrint.Call For Pricing Pender-Topsail Post & VoicePrint.Call For PricingOne Teen StoryPrint .415.00 Pennsylvania German SocietyMembership 90.001 Ontario Genealogical SocietyMembership.1100.00 Pennsylvania HistoryPrint 229.004 O'Odham Action NewsPrintCall For Pricing Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography4 Opera CanadaPrint 38.41 Print.395.00Opera MagazinePrint + Digital12165.03 Pensions & InvestmentsPrint + Online 350.0026 Optometry Today (GBR)Print + Online 206.286 Orange Coast MagazinePrint1219.95 PeoplePrint.5291.00Orange County Business JournalPrint + Online.5299.00Oregon BusinessPrint + Digital.1024.95 CU CH ol S e orr TO a DY BATTLE TURNS DEADLY & H o T t t o a h i t y o e l n C I o l n a o o G r l u s b S o W p i w e d l le i d i s n e f s e t s ,! . n People magazine will keep you Oregon Historical 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SubscriptionPrint1275.00OTAKU USA MagazinePrint649.95Our Iowa MagazinePrint624.98Our State Magazine (NC)Print 34.99.12 OUT MagazinePrint.619.95 People YearbookPrint129.95OUT Magazine and Advocate ComboPeriod Living (GBR)Print.12152.84SubscriptionPrint129.95 Permaculture DesignPrint + Online 25.00Outdoor AmericaPrint .450.00 .4 Permaculture Magazine (GBR)Print 82.38Outdoor CaliforniaPrint615.00 4 Outdoor News (Minnesota)Print.Call For Pricing Personal FinancePrint + Online1299.00Perspectives in Biology & MedicinePrint 210.00Outdoor News (Wisconsin )PrintCall For Pricing .4 Petfood IndustryPrint + Digital12156.00Outdoor Photography (GBR)Print 144.56 .12Pharmaceutical TechnologyPrint.12100.00Outdoor Power EquipmentPrint + Digital737.00 Pharmacy TimesPrint 394.00Outside MagazinePrint .624.00 .12 OWL MagazinePrint 32.40 Phi Delta KappanPrint.8170.00.10Phi Delta KappanPrint + Online8173.00OWL MagazinePrint 36.00.10Philadelphia DailyNewsOxford AmericanPrint 99.00 .Call For Pricing.4Philadelphia InquirerPrint + DigitalOYLA MagazinePrint 1284.00 .Call For PricingPacific CitizenPrint Philadelphia MagazinePrint + Online129.95Call For Pricing Philadelphia SunPrint + DigitalPacific Conservation BiologyOnline.6515.00 .Call For PricingPacific FishingPrint + Online.1215.00 Philological QuarterlyPrint 468.00Pacific SciencePrint.4113.00 Philosophers' MagazinePrint + Online4135.00Philosophy NowPrint 61.00Pacifica TribunePrint + DigitalCall For Pricing 6 Philosophy NowPrint + Online 198.00Packer Bundle Subscription, ThePrint 149.00 .6 .1Philosophy TodayPrint.485.00Paddling MagazinePrint + Digital419.00 Phoebe Grant's Adventures in Time!Digital 116.00Padres y Maestros (ESP)Print + Online 4101.53Palatka Daily NewsPrint + Digital Phoebe Grant's Adventures in Time!Print 132.95.Call For Pricing Phoenix Home & GardenPrint.614.95PaleobiologyOnline 256.00.4Phoenix MagazinePrint 14.95Palisadian PostPrint + Digital 6 .Call For Pricing Phosphore (FRA)Print 22165.00Palm Beach PostCall For Pricing Photo ReviewPrint.450.00Pani (POL)Print 82.1612PhotographiesPrint + Online.2645.00PanoramaPrintCall For Pricing Photography & CulturePrint + Online 646.00Panorama (ITA)Print + Digital.51339.22 4 PhotoPlus (GBR)Print 126.99Parabola Magazine: Myth Tradition & the Search13 for MeaningPrint 39.95 Phu Nu Dien DanPrint.12175.00.4Physical Therapy JournalOnline 285.00Paris Match (FRA)Print 199.00 .12 52Physics Review (GBR)Print 55.01Paris ReviewPrint + Digital 49.00 .4 4Physics TodayPrint + Online .Call For Pricing.9Pianist (GBR)Print 95.58Passport MagazinePrint 19.99Past & Present: A Journal of Historical Studies 6 Piano MagazinePrint + Digital 36.00Print.4723.00 .4 Pastel Journal, ThePrint429.95 Piedmont VirginianPrint.424.95Path To Purchase IQPrint680.00 Pilot, ThePrint Call For PricingPC Gamer (GBR)Print.13194.27 Pioneer Magazine (Utah)Print.430.00PC Gamer (Non-Disc Version) (US)Print1348.04 Pioneer Woman, ThePrint.418.00Pittsburgh MagazinePrint 17.95PC WorldDigital1219.97 .9 Peace News for Nonviolent RevolutionPrint .Call For Pricing Plan: Architecture & Technologies in DetailPrint.8134.98Planning MagazinePrint + Digital485.00Call WT Cox Information Services For Any Title Not Listed at (800) 571-9554.54 (Title information is subject to change per publisher discretion. 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