b"TitleIssues1 Yr. BooklistPrint + Digital + Online (Single User) .22184.95BooklistDigital + OnlineCall For Pricingja1c1.pdf 1 12/11/23 10:14AMBooklist is a book-review Leading book discovery Vo1/l1./ 12240 & N 1o/.1 95/1/204 magazine that has been published by the American Library Association for more Spotlight on than 100 years and is widely Readers Advisory viewed as offering the most reliable pre-publication reviews to help libraries decide what to buy and to help library patrons Cover art by Loralie Clemmensen,and students decide what to from Held, by Anne Michaels read, view, or listen to. It comprises a print magazine, an extensive website and database, e-newsletters, webinars, and other resources that support all types of librari-ans in collection development and readers' advisory.Booklist ReaderDigital + Online.Call For PricingBooklist Reader is Booklists Booklist October 2023 new library patron/student-Readerages facing magazine, featuring Book and audiobook recommendations for al diverse readers' advisory TLegendsrecommendations, in print and Fahier yE sTsaelensti aalnsd:Retold S on audio, for readers of all ages. Suparen iBseht-Ls:anguage AudioThe Essael nPtiicatlusr: e Books / Biiblirnogsu eilus stradosBooklist Reader features books LbilingB that are currently available in Clooowkn M ina paoCfo Hrnorreoldrs:byr tD boyn Dnaa vBida rblava Hriegzu ferroam Alebrijes, A libraries. Each month, Booklist Reader is filled with high-interest lists that showcase books patrons can read and check out now. Booklist Reader is available in print and online and is always free for library patrons and students!Booklist ReaderPrint (Multi Copy Discounts Available)12199.00Bookmarks MagazinePrint 34.95.6 BookPagePrint.1242.00BookWomenPrint.424.00Border CrossingsPrint 98.003 Borneo Research BulletinPrint .130.00Bosom Friend (Overseas Ed) (Chinese) (Zhiyin haiwai ban)Print 118.2024 Bossier Press TribunePrint + DigitalCall For PricingBoston GlobePrint + DigitalCall For PricingBoston Herald.Call For Pricing.12 Boston MagazinePrint + Online 9.95Boston ReviewPrint.469.94.Botanical ReviewPrint + Online 350.00.4 Bottom Line HealthPrint 59.90.12 Bottom Line PersonalPrint 59.90.24 .2 Boulevard: Journal of Contemporary WritingPrint 16.00Boundary Waters JournalPrint 26.00.4 BowhunterPrint .1023.94Bowhunting (Petersen's)Print1017.97Box y LuchaPrint 286.2548 Boxoffice ProPrint575.00Braille MonitorPrint + Online 1140.00Call WT Cox Information Services For Any Title Not Listed at (800) 571-9554.26 (Title information is subject to change per publisher discretion. Prices exclude postage, shipping/handling and sales tax if applicable.)"