b"TitleIssues1 Yr.TitleIssues1 Yr. SpiderPrint + Digital .943.95 Star Wars InsiderPrint 79.928 Star Wars: Doctor AphraPrint1247.88SPIDERPrint 33.95 Star-Telegram (TX) .Call For Pricing9 State Historical Society of MissouriMembership1100.00Stories, poems, and nonfictionState Historical Society of North Dakota Foundationarticles are carefully selected toMembership 40.001 .10 encourage students to read onState LegislaturesPrint 25.00their own, drawn along by brightStereophilePrint 1220.00illustrations and detailedStern (DEU)Print.Call For Pricingdrawings by famous childrensStitchPrint 57.75.6 artists. SPIDER also offers funStone Soup: The Magazine by Young Writers ways for young readers toand ArtistsOnlineCall For Pricingpractice critical thinking skillsStone Soup: The Magazine by Young Writers with riddles, puzzles, and otherand ArtistsPrint + Online689.996 games. Grades 2-4. Store Brands MagazinePrint 80.00Story Monsters InkDigital.129.95StorytimePrint .1278.00 Strad, The (GBR)Print + Digital 124.95.12 Strand MagazinePrint429.99Spielbox (English Edition)Print780.05 Street TrucksPrint1229.95Spine Labels - Fluorescent OrangePrint.10.75 Street TrucksPrint + Digital 39.9412 .1 Spine Labels - Pastel BluePrint 0.75 Strength & Conditioning JournalPrint6544.00Spine Labels - Pastel GreenPrint10.75 StringsPrint. 40.006 Spine Labels - Pastel PinkPrint.10.75 Strong Fitness MagazinePrint 626.97Spine Labels - Pastel YellowPrint 0.70 Studies in American FictionPrint 105.0012 Spirituality & HealthPrint624.95 Studies in the Age of ChaucerOnline.165.00Sporting ClassicsPrint 26.95 Studio PotterMembership.1120.006 Sports AfieldPrint.634.97 Stuff (GBR)Print.13121.02.24 Sports Collectors DigestPrint 49.98 Style at Home (GBR)Print.1287.99Sports IllustratedPrint + Digital 88.95 Styler by Ju Bu Saeng Hwal (KOR)Print 679.0012.12 Sports Illustrated For KidsPrint 31.95 Success Magazine (New York)Print619.956 Sports SpectrumPrint + Digita l 418.00 Successful FarmingPrint 15.9512 Sports Weekly (USA Today)Print 132.00.52 SportsField ManagementPrint + Digital1252.00St Louis Post DispatchCall For PricingSt. Anthony MessengerPrint + Digital.1042.00St. Clair County Genealogical SocietyMembership 55.001 St. Joseph News PressPrint + DigitalCall For PricingSt. Louis MagazinePrint 19.95.12 Stained Glass QuarterlyPrint.438.00Stamps of the World - Stanley GibbonsPrint 411.19.1 Stanford Journal of International Law Print + Online246.00Stanford Journal of Law, Business & FinancePrint + Online245.00Stanford Social Innovation Review Print + Online .Call For PricingStanly News & Press (NC)Print + Digital.Call For PricingStar MagazinePrint 78.00.52 Star covers the latest Hollywood happenings, the blockbuster movies, the TV sensations and the music industry phenomena that are fueling talk nationwide. You'll also find a ton of fashion photos of the most beautiful, style-worthy stars, along with newsworthy articles, interviews, horoscopes and more!Star Trek MagazinePrint439.96Star WarsPrint 47.8812 Call WT Cox Information Services For Any Title Not Listed at (800) 571-9554.(Title information is subject to change per publisher discretion. Prices exclude postage, shipping/handling and sales tax if applicable.) 61"